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Serbian for foreigners

“Speak Serbian so that the whole world understand you!”

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Learning the Serbian language will help you experience Serbia in the right way, whether you stay for a long or short period of time in Serbia.

Students will study Serbian by the best method for the learning of foreign languages ​​in the world, created by the doctor Georgi Lozanov. It is conversation and talking in Serbian that are in the foreground after only a few classes.

You will be studying the Serbian language without learning grammar. In other words, learning grammar is reduced solely to the point that you really need. These partitions are learned visually, through mind maps. In this way, you will master the grammar for a very short time and remember it permanently.

What distinguishes us from other schools is working in small groups of 3 to 4 students and a teaching method that helps you discover your personal learning style. That way, you will soon be speaking Serbian.

Teachers in the foreign language school Mogi Belgrade are professionals. Their main goal is to help you free yourself of fear of speaking the Serbian language; they will help you regain your self-confidence and instead of being only lecturers, they will be your motivators, trainers and activators, who will encourage you to activate your personal learning style and to learn on your own.

Using the method of Dr Lozanov, you learn Serbian 5 to 10 times faster. This does not include intensive coming to classes, in the sense that you attend classes five times a week. It means that you will be learning 5 to 10 times faster for the same amount of time.The percentage of lessons learned in the Serbian language is over 90 %.

Types of classes at the foreign language school Mogi Belgrade can be:

Group classes: 3-4 participants.
Semi-individual classes: two participants.
Individual classes: one on one.
Classes are held in the school of foreign languages ​​Mogi Belgrade or at your facilities.

Whatever speaking area you come from, we will try to teach you Serbian through your native language.

The School for Foreign Languages ​​Mogi Belgrade is the only school that gives you a guarantee that you will actually speak a foreign language!

For more information about prices and courses in the Serbian language, visit our website page prices.

We provided special benefits for all of our current and future foreign friends and clients for the learning of the Serbian language.

Visit us and enjoy the learning of the Serbian language with us.

The School of Foreign Languages ​​Mogi Belgrade:

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